“The truly good person is one who complies with the laws of justice, love and charity in their highest degree of purity. If they examine their conscience concerning their own actions they will ask themselves if they have violated those laws, if they have practiced any evil, if they have done all the good that was possible, if they have voluntarily disregarded any occasion to be useful, if anyone has any complaint to make of them and finally, if they have done to others everything that they would wish done to themselves” (The Gospel According to Spiritism, Chapter XVII, 3)

All the links of this section redirect to other spiritist related material, such as videos, audios and books, among other interesting media:

  • TVCEI is a Spiritist WebTV 24 hours daily with channels in Portuguese. The FebTV produce their own content and provides live broadcasts of major world events. Watch (Portuguese)
  • KARDEC RADIO presents the latest news on the Spiritist thought and practice in the United States and worldwide. Inspirational hosts and guests will enlighten your heart with the insights for a fulfilled life. KARDEC RADIO
  • EDICEI BOOKSTORE holds spiritists books covering many topics (existence of the soul, immortality, reincarnation, law of cause and effect, healing, moral ethics, mediumship, inspirational messages, etc), also offering electronic books. EDICEI
  • THE SPIRITIST MAGAZINE is an official publication of the International Spiritist Concil and it is the english edition of the Revue Spirite founded by Allan Kardec on January 1st,1858. SPIRITIST MAGAZINE