“Get to know the legal provisions that apply in the country that you are visiting, and obey them. Respect the belief systems that you find different from the ones you have. Study the language of the country that you visit in order to be more useful. Do not give opinions concerning the difficulties of the area which you visit, without a thorough knowledge of the causes that produce them. Never be sarcastic about any of the habits and beliefs of the country that you visit. Always be ready to say a good word or give a fair idea about Spiritism, in order to plant the notion of revitalization and elevation in the listeners. Do not either boast about or denigrate your homeland. Abolish the word foreigner from you vocabulary and treat all children of other nations as true brothers and sisters”. (Among Brothers of Other Lands, Chapter 1, Andre Luiz, Francisco Xavier)

Despite the Spiritist Group of Winnipeg in Manitoba, the links below summarize other spiritist organizations in Canada:

Winnipeg is the capital and largest city of Manitoba. It is the 7th largest municipality in Canada. For more information about the city, please, check out the link Visit Winnipeg.