Learn Spiritism is a course of 14 classes about the basic fundaments of the spiritist doctrine. The themes discussed are: 1-God, 2-Jesus, 3-Spiritist Doctrine and Allan Kardec, 4-Spirit, Perispirit and Body, 5-Reincarnation, 6-Discarnation, 7-Plurality of inhabited worlds, 8-Mediumship, 9-Obsession, 10-Self-Knowledge, 11-Family, 12-Prayer and Gospel Studies at Home, 13-Adictions, 14-Charity and the Spiritist Center. The last four classes still to be published. You can follow the course and watch the classes on the videos below:

  • Class 1-God:

  • Class 2-Jesus:

  • Class 3-Spiritist Doctrine and Allan Kardec:

  • Class 4-Spirit, Perispirit and Body:

  • Class 5-Reincarnation:

  • Class 6-Discarnation:

  • Class 7-Plurality of inhabited worlds:

  • Class 8-Mediumship:

  • Class 9-Obsession:

  • Class 10-Self-Knowledge:

  • Class 11-Family:

  • Class 12-Prayer and Gospel Studies at Home: to be published
  • Class 13-Adictions: to be published
  • Class 14-Charity and the Spiritist Center: to be published