Spiritist Codification is the name given to the set of five books codified by Allan Kardec. It’s was written and published by the french teacher, educator and Spiritism codificator Allan Kardec. These books contain several explanations of the Spiritism Doctrine:

  • The Spirit’s Book (1857): compendium of the main ideas about the spiritist doctrine, concerning the nature of spirits, their manifestations, how they relate to men, moral laws, the present and future life and destiny of humankind; the book is both an introduction to the other four below and a summary of them, which, in their turn, can each be seen as an unfolding of one of the issues it covers
  • The Mediums’ Book (1861): practical treatise on mediumship, this book deals with the teachings of the spirits on the various kinds of manifestations, the means of communication with the invisible world, the development of mediumship, the difficulties and embarrassments that one can face during spiritist practice
  • The Gospel According to Spiritism (1864): exposition of the moral teachings of Jesus Christ, showing how they are in accordance to spiritism and how they can be applied to the many aspects of life
  • Heaven and Hell (1865): vindication of the justice of the divine government of the human race, it compares doctrines and explains the passage from the physical life to the life of the spirit, to a future penalty or reward, angels and devils and eternal damnation; many examples are given of the condition of the soul before and after physical death
  • Genesis (1867): showing the concordance of the spiritist theory with the discoveries of modern science; the book examines theories about Earth’s emergence and evolution, with scriptural texts on the matter