“The man ignorant of his senses is like a traveler who travels a road mechanically, without knowing the starting point or the point of arrival. He doesn’t know why he is traveling and therefore will always stop against the smallest obstacle, being able to waste his time without the concern of the goal to achieve.” (Leon Denis, The Purpose of Life)

The Spiritist Group of Winnipeg is currently studying The Gospel According to SpiritismThe Spirits’ Book, and The Mediums’ Book. Our meetings are currently held at the University of Manitoba (Thursdays) and at the Seven Oaks Arena (Sundays) at the following times:

  • Thursdays: from 6:00pm* to 7:30pm; and
  • Sundays: from 10:00am* to 11:30am.

* it is recommended to arrive 15 minutes earlier.

On Thursdays, the meetings are held in Portuguese and its current focus is The Mediums’ Book. On Sundays, the meetings are held in English and its current focuses are The Gospel According to Spiritism and The Spirits’ Book.

Are you interested in joining our activities? Contact us for more details.