It’s a pleasure having you as a visitor in our website! One of our goals is to spark discussions about the Spiritist Doctrine, codified by Allan Kardec, gathering people from Winnipeg, Manitoba who are interested on this topic. If you don’t have previous knowledge about Spiritism, it doesn’t matter, we will learn together. This doctrine has supported us significantly on our journey to understand the meaning of life, getting to know better ourselves and the universe around us. The clear and rational answers proposed by the Spiritist Doctrine (Religion, Philosophy and Science) has helped to build us up as more enlightened consciousnesses. The teachings of Jesus Christ, our most perfect model, are presented within their pure meanings, emphasizing the importance of love, respect and fraternity among all. And as a consequence of learning how important is to love each other, we would like to share this living ideal, studying this doctrine together. After some time studying the gospel at home, our group took its first steps on June 2012, with occasional scheduled public meetings. The seed slowly sprouted, connecting more hearts with similar objectives, guided by the friendly spirituality who has been blessing our efforts. Regular weekly meetings were organized, establishing our humble group as the first Spiritist Society of Manitoba, based on Allan Kardec’s work. The group is still growing, getting stronger every week. Feel free to surf through the content. You are more than invited to contact us if you have any questions and want to join us in our studies (follow the link at the top). Welcome aboard!

“Like an immense army setting out upon receiving its orders, the Spirits of the Lord, who are the powers of heaven, have fanned out over the entire face of the earth. Like falling stars, they have come to illumine the way and open the eyes of the blind. Verily I tell you that the time has come in which all things must be reestablished according to their true meaning in order to dissipate the darkness, to confound the proud and to glorify the righteous. The great voices of heaven resound like trumpets, and the choirs of angels have assembled together. Men and women, we invite you to the divine concert; may your hands take up the lyre; may your voices be as one, and like a sacred hymn expand and vibrate from one end of the universe to the other. Men and women, brothers and sisters whom we love, we are here beside you; love one another also and say from the bottom of your hearts in obedience to the will of your Father who is in heaven: Lord! Lord! and you shall enter the kingdom of heaven”.  The Spirit of the Truth (Instruction communicated through mediumship means, summarizing the true character of Spiritism and the objective of this work, Preface of the Gospel According to Spiritism)